About Us

Fish Active is an initiative started to ensure that the fishing community finds a strong platform where you can raise your voice about issues, where you can discuss you local fishing problems and where you can discuss local and national policies related to fishing.

The fishing community seems slightly scattered over the web with no single platform available where fishermen from all kinds of backgrounds and from different areas of the country can read, chat and discuss a variety of topics related to fishing.

The main idea behind Fish Active is to provide an independent single platform where diverse range of topics can come under discussion and where fishermen can gather around to highlight each and every problem so that it can be raised with the concerned authorities in the right manner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to truly give every local, hobbyist and commercial fisherman and every angler in the angling hierarchy a chance to get up to date with the latest techniques, the latest news and the latest equipments related to fishing. But our mission doesn’t simply achieve with this with a simple blog and news section for this purpose.

While Fish Active has its own well-updated news section along with a plethora of very in-depth blogs, Fish Active’s sole purpose is not just to inform fishermen and angling community about what’s going on in the fishing world but it’s also to provide them the chance to talk about fishing problems, to give opinions on different fisheries and to read up on what everybody else has to say on the same matters.

Up to date Local and National FIshing News

It doesn’t matter whether your interest only lies in local news or whether you want to stay up to date with what’s going on related to the fishing industry the UK over, Fish Active can serve as your one stop shop for all sorts of local and national news on topics concerned with fishing.

From the latest on decisions taken by Counties around the UK with regards to the situations of lakes to the environmental policy adopted at a national conference and its impact on the dynamics of fishing in the region, you can read it all at Fish Active.