F1-GHOST-CARPAnglers who reside in the UK can now look forward to the possibility of capturing a brand new type of fish. It has been quite a while for a new kind of fish to come out to the public. The man who is responsible behind this creation is none other than Jason Dorkings. He spent much of his time working on this project that was located in a facility at Kent. Also an owner of Babylon Fish Farm, he spent about three years creating this new crossbreed using a F1 carp and a ghost carp and successfully completed in doing so.

Because of his endeavour, Dorkings has successfully sold 15 tonnes of this strain and says that this particular kind of fish will be known to the public as ‘F1 Ghost’. The trademarks of a F1 Ghost are like of the F1 Carp except that it is an enhanced version. For example, this particular species has become immuned to KHV or Koi Herpes Virus. Unlike the F1 Carp, it is able to feed within surroundings at low temperatures. Anglers share their experience that when they land the F1 Carp, they easily become bored of this type since all of them look similar. Because the F1 Ghost has the trademarks of the ghost carp, these fish vary in terms of scale color and patterns.

Since it will take a while for this type of fish to gain numbers in relation to population, this type of new fish will available by October of next year. Many fisheries all over the UK have placed their order ahead of time in hopes of taking advantage of this new strain. Anglers will have their chance to capture the new hybrid in the nearby waters very soon.