Adam Molloy at just 13 years of age has landed a spot on the England Home International Junior Shore Angling Team. Adam has been fishing ever since he turned 11 and is a proud member of the Norfolk Angling Club. He has been studying at the Cromer Academy and has managed to keep up his grades as well alongside practicing fishing. Adam is a part of a team of six which is going to compete in the event held at Kelling in July next year. Adam will also remain with the squad as a travelling reserve member for the event held at the River Nene as well.


Adam’s mother Helen who works at Easton and Otley College as a health and safety coordinator is very proud of her son and has been all praise for the boy. She says that Adam is very passionate about fishing and has accomplished all this by himself. She praised Adam for his hard work and reiterated that they had just been the facilitators and didn’t push him into doing it. Mrs. Molloy also acknowledged the efforts made by the angling club where Adam has been practicing. She said that if it weren’t for the expertise and support provided by the angling club, Adam would not have gotten selected.

Dene Conway who is a member of the Norfolk Angling Club and the owns the Rite Gear Angling Centre located in West Runton is also impressed with Adam and praised the boy for his ability to learn quickly. Dene also commented on how quickly Adam has progressed and wished him all the best in the events he will be taking part in. He said that the angling club tries to nurture the talent of the members and push them in the right direction. He was hopeful that the success of young Adam is going to inspire other members to achieve the same level of excellence that he has achieved.

The exploits of young Adam haven’t gone unnoticed. The Principal of his academy, Dr Geoff Baker was also quite pleased with Adam and noted that his success in sports was a good thing as it is just as important as academic success. He was amazed with the progress that Adam had made in such a short time and commented that his inclusion in the England Home International Junior Shore Angling Team was a proud moment for all of them at Cromer Academy.

The event that Adam is going to take part in is going to commence from the 7th of July and will continue on till the 9th of July. It will start with a practice day and then a presentation is going to be held after that.