Fishing at a new location has its own excitement and thrill and it’s that anticipation of fishing at a new place which makes me wander to different regions of the country. I had been told fascinating tales of the Medway River in Kent and these stories with my love for fishing took me to the place last Saturday.

When people say that the Medway River is a thing of beauty, they are not wrong. It might not be that popular but it’s just the kind of place a fisherman likes. It has a very serene feeling about it that some of the more commercialized lakes lack and this makes the Medway River a very fine spot for catching some fish and for having a good time with your fishing mates.

The only disappointing aspect of the river has to be the fact that fishing is limited to a few spots. However, the locations where fishing is allowed is teeming with fish like Roach, Bream and Pike so there is nothing to worry about as far as catching fish is concerned. The Maidstone tone centre forms the most popular location for fishing in the Medway River though there are a few other stretches close to the Maidstone centre where fishing is allowed.

I chose to stay close to the tone centre itself and was always looking for a big catch from the get go. A couple of my friends had told me about catching a 19lb Pike at the river and I was always on the lookout for a similar catch.

At first I kept the rod slightly deeper with most of my line sunk in water. This strategy along with the use of artificial baits had me in trouble from the get go and I struggled badly at even attracting any large fish.

I soon realized that my baits weren’t working at all and I then switched to dead baits and the results were instant. While I wasn’t able to catch a huge fish, I caught Roach and Bream a couple of times within minutes of changing the baits.

I was sure that a bigger fish wasn’t far away and I thought that I had an 18-20lb fish within my reach a couple of times but they were able to power away both times. I realized that if I had to catch a bigger Pike, I needed to take my line out of the water as much as possible. This in turn resulted in the rod not being deep though it wasn’t much of a problem as there is no need to fish too deep in the Medway River.

After another thirty odd minutes of wasted efforts, I was finally able to catch a 20lb Northern Pike and I was over the moon with my catch. I would put it down to the fact that I was able to understand what kind of baits would work and where I should position my rod and line.

So, for all the people who would like to give Medway River a try, make sure that you keep in mind that there are bigger catches up for grabs. Just use dead baits and keep your rod as high as possible and you would do absolutely fine!