Kent is without a doubt a wonderful region for fishing with so many fisheries and lakes available where hobbyists and commercial fishermen both can catch a lot of fish and have a great amount of fun too.

Old age is catching up with me now but this doesn’t stop me from following my heart which feels entirely at peace when I fish. I am not a big fan of using high-tech equipments and try to keep it simple with my baits, tackles and hooks. I have caught fish all my life and I have trusted my instincts with the use of baits, the length of rods and the depth at which I should fish and my instincts have usually paid off.

The other day I visited the Moat Lake which is located in Southern Ashford. The lake itself is situated in a beautiful and picturesque estate called Park Farm Housing. Lined with trees on all sides, it seemed like a wonderful place. From what I heard from the few people who were out there fishing, a number of local families turn up in droves at the weekends and holidays to enjoy a day out in the sun where they catch some fish and enjoy some quality time together.

There are a lot of different types of fish that can be caught in the lake and I was slightly surprised at the variety available seeing the small size of the lake. From carps to tench and from rudd to bream, the lake had something for everyone.

I am a big fan of natural baits and I usually try to use them wherever possible. The lake and the kind of fish that were tailor made for the use of natural baits. I used a meat bait, a corn bait and a worm bait and all three were pretty effective in bringing the fish in flocks. Obviously, the old school trick of sprinkling maggot time and again in and around the region helped in attracting the fish to the spot where I was fishing.

It was an interesting experience as there was no uniform way of fishing around the entire lake. I changed my position a couple of times in order to chase different types of fish and I found that the feeder worked greatly in the region close to the far bank but was pretty ineffective otherwise.

All in all, it was an awesome experience and proved again that instinct, an eye for the right spot and some old-fashioned tricks can help you catch a great amount of fish. While I missed out on Rudd and Bream at the lake, I was very happy with my total catch count which stood at one and a half dozen!

So, if you are looking for a cool spot to fish in Kent and are a fan of carp, tench and bream, do make sure to give Moat Lake a try. Try to stay mobile and fish around in different locations and you will surely end up with as high a catch count as mine!